Dive into the vibrant exploration of philosophical ideas within Alma Mater’s Philosophy category, where ideas evolve into dynamic concepts that shape conceptual landscapes, transcending conventional boundaries of thought. Engage with this philosophical realm to delve into the affective dimensions of ideas, exploring the raw percepts that mold philosophical inquiry. As you participate in this intellectual journey, witness the emergent concepts that arise in the process, actively contributing to the becoming of the plane of immanence within the conceptual field created and deconstructed through philosophical inquiries.

This philosophical category braids concepts, specified by an immortal desire for difference, oscillating between the actual, the virtual, and neither, simultaneously, creating a byproduct in what is called the reality. Join us in in the transformative adventure of questioning, pondering, and contributing to the ever-evolving nature of philosophical thought, the process of breathing life into ideas, leaving traces in its wake.

We are delighted to receive articles that change the trajectory of the flow of thought. Due to the novel nature of the initiative, we are currently working on further articles in the Philosophy category, which will be published here.

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Territoriality on the autopsy table 
The burgeon of blood, body and roots under a convergent control of territory and corporeality …

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