The international

Close to a hundred thousand students study in Paris every year. Some universities, like Sorbonne Nouvelle or Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis accommodate respectively 24 and 23 per cent of foreign students on their campus. 

As one of the most promising student journals in France, Alma Mater wants to inform, communicate and also provide this platform for international students to express themselves. 

Indeed, our goal is not only to relay the main information but also to take an interest in traditions, trends and regions little known to the general public.

We wish to as a student journal to help prospective students and current students alike to get informed of the actuality in the world and we wish to cover every snippet of information we find important to you. 

***If you are passionate about journalism, fond of writing or drawing, feel free to contact us on this email address : We would love to have a diverse group of people in our team. Alma Mater is not just about journalism, we are also a diverse group of students interested in community life in Paris. We often meet, go out as a group and also provide a safe place to ease your integration in Paris.

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