The international

The international

“To think is to create – there is no other creation – but to create is first of all to engender ‘thinking’ in thought.”

Gilles Deleuze – Difference and Repetition, 1968


Welcome to the International Section of Alma Mater, immerse yourself in the heartbeat of a vibrant, international student community, where nearly a hundred thousand minds converge annually in the dynamic city of Paris to create, contemplate, or simply breathe the city’s inspiring air. As one of the most promising student newspapers in France, Alma Mater stands at the crossroads of this cultural mosaic, recognizing the need for a reimagining of conventional boundaries in order to transcend the concept of student journalism, and give the myriad of emerging ideas a place to be expressed.

In the rich and multicultural kaleidoscope of academia, where institutions such as Sorbonne Université, Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis or Sciences Po host a substantial percentage of global scholars, Alma Mater embarks on a mission to redefine impartial, unbiased and independent storytelling.

Our International Section is a canvas for expressing passions and interests, interweaving the tapestry of interuniversity collaboration, global perspectives, and inclusivity. We extend an open invitation to all, with the hopes of breaking down the barriers of academic confinement and bringing together minds across all spectrums.


Thanks to collaborations with a number of renowned institutions, we strive to create the following: 

  • Politics curated by the brilliant minds of Sciences Po, 
  • The symphony of perspectives orchestrated by Berklee Music students, 
  • The economic landscape explored by the astute minds of Bocconi in Economy, 
  • And the unique lens on Paris presented by the members of the Parismus BDE.

A collaboration of intellect, a convergence of voices.

As an international newspaper we wish to help prospective students and current students alike get informed of the current world events and we want to cover provide all the information we deem relevant. 

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Our vision can only materialize with the involvement of distinct student voices,  so if you harbor a passion for journalism, writing, artistic expression, or any other subject you would like to share, the stage is set, and the spotlight is on you. 

Contact us at, and tell us about a subject that you would like to write an article about, we are open to every contribution regardless of where you come from or where you’re studying. You can also join our diverse cadre of individuals who breathe life into the very spirit of Alma Mater. More than a newspaper, we are a vibrant community, a haven for forging connections, and a catalyst for your integration into Parisian life. Help us create a community by sharing your perspectives and passions.

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