Explore the vibrant aspects of French culture with Alma Mater’s France category, a collaborative venture with the dynamic Journalmus project of the Parismus BDE. In this space, we aim to celebrate the diverse expressions of French culture, covering a range of topics from local traditions to contemporary trends. Our goal is to provide an inclusive platform for students to express, learn and explore the country of Sartre and Molière.

This category within the International Section is made possible through our collaboration with the Journalmus project of the Parismus international BDE. Their contributions and partnership are instrumental in shaping and enriching the content you find here.

By clicking the link below, You can also check out their instagram account to find out about events such as trips around the cities of France, tours of historic sites in Paris, or social meetings on the Seine, or sign yourself to their newletter Journalmus, where they regularly publish new insights on France and Paris.

Due to the novel nature of the initiative, we are currently working on upcoming articles in the France category, which will be published here.

Stay tuned!

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