How to look, dress and feel as a Scandinavian vs Parisian ?

Scandinavian people are known to be some of the most well-dressed in the world. Indeed, it seems as if they have an innate ability to make an outfit look like all this just happened without effort.

Scandinavian fashion

By Scandinavians we mean Norwegian, Finnish, Danish people and  Icelandic who live in countries with some of the coldest and darkest winter days, but also the longest summer ones. As a consequence, these northern people usually have the intuitive art of dressing functionally, effortless, simple and the art of layering quality fabrics as mohair, wool, cashmere and fur, to keep warm [1]. You may wonder : how do you do it in practice? Well, go for simplicity, minimalism and adopt classic and luxurious pieces of cloth, but not too much. Dark overcoats with denim or trousers, dark suits with leather shoes, casual wear with sneakers : let yourself go into the less is more trend. By wearing these looks, you will look like a real Scandinavian native and a real foreigner in France.

Parisian  fashion

France, its castles, its local cultures, its unquestionable richness, its capital… Let us now go for a tour of Paris, the city of lights.

What makes Parisian women so different ? Why is it that women across the globe secretly harbour a desire to look a bit like them ? More than a fashion, being and looking like a Parisian is a lifestyle. Think Parisian, move Parisian, eat and sleep Parisian. It’s a whole art of living based on an attitude c’est la vie with oh-so-sophisticated but visibly effortless looks. In practice, you have to develop a signature look and stick into it. Pay attention to details by choosing the right bag that suits your look. Think neutral, striped and even more striped if you come from Brittany [2, 3].

Scandinavian and parisian combo

That said, it is important and even crucial to mention here that both fashion are not fully separated. Indeed, the scandi chic makes a lot of noise in France and even more in Paris. Unlike Parisians, Scandinavians don’t care about sexy, and this inclination towards a functional look is starting to take root in Parisian culture.

Women replace heels with sneakers, very red lipstick with a neutral pink color, and they gladly replace the short and tight skirt with loose and cocooning jeans.

It’s all about you selecting and making the right choices. You can get inspired, but above all, think natural and stay yourself. Caring too much about appearance is obsolete, go for simplicity and follow your intuition. Prefer to buy less and only quality pieces that will last you for years. Here is the key to the good Parisian-Scandinavian combo [4].


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